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S45C steel grade is a very common engineering steel materials. In this post, you can check the thorough technical and properties of machine structural S45C carbon steel.

jis s45c steel machine structural steel

1. S45C Steels belongs to JIS G4051

S45C Steel Grade is one steel grade material in JIS G4051. which is standard specification of carbon steels for machine structural use. Specifically, this is standard for heat treatable steels, alloy steels and free cutting steels.



2. JIS Steel S45C Common Available Shapes

JIS S45C Steel is a medium strength steel. Suitable for shafts studs, keys etc. Available as rolled or normalised. JIS S45C machinery steel are usually supplied as square bar, or round bar or flat. JIS Steel S45C is excelling in weldability & machinability , and S45C steels can be subjected to various heat treatments.

3. JIS S45C Grade Steel Equivalents

There are some other structural steel standards and steel grades similar and equivalent to JIS S45C Steel Grade, as shown below:

 4. JIS S45C Steel Properties

Chemical Composition

JIS G4051S45C0.42-0.480.60-0.900.030.0350.15-0.35

JIS Spec S45C Steels Mechanical Properties

  • Density (kg/m3) 7700-8030
  • Young’s Modulus (GPa) 190-210
  • Tensile Strength (Mpa) 569 (Standard) 686 (Quenching, Tempering)
  • Yield Strength (Mpa) 343 (Standard) 490 (Quenching, Tempering)
  • Poisson’s ratio 0.27-0.30

5. JIS S45C Material Hardness

  • Brinell Hardness (HB) 160-220 (Annealed)

6. Heat Treatment of JIS Steel S45C

JIS Steel Grade S45C Steel Materials are applicable for the respective heat treatment operations.

  • Full Annealing 800 – 850°C
  • Normalising  840 – 880°C
  • Hardening 820 – 860°C
  • Quenching medium Water or Oil
  • Tempering 550 – 660°C

 Melting Point

  • Melting point of S45C is ~1520 Degree Celsius

7. Application of JIS S45C Steel Materials

JIS S45C grade carbon steel is widely used in machinery manufacturing, good mechanical properties of this steel. But S45C Grade Steel is a medium carbon steel, hardened performance is not good, 45 steel can be hardened to HRC42 ~ 46. So if you need to surface hardness, but also hopes to play 45 # steel superior mechanical properties, often 45 # steel surface carburizing, so you can get the required surface hardness. JIS S45c steel are mainly used for a variety of motor shaft, automotive parts.

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