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    Project Description

    AISI O2 tool steel is an oil hardening tool steel which is supplied in the annealed condition and characterised by its characteristics of offering good durability. Tool steel O2 is with excellent wear resistance and its ability to hold a good cutting edge. 02 steel is a good quality general purpose tool steel often used where the expense of a high carbon high chromium tool steel would not be justified.

    AISI O2 steel has working hardness up to 63-65HRC. Steel O2 makes pretty decent performer for light/medium use knives at that hardness.

    aisi o2 tool steel materials

    1.Supply Range of ASTM O2 Tool Steel

    O2 Steel Round Bar: diameter 8mm – 350mm

    O2 Steel Plate: thickness 2mm –300mm x width 200mm – 800mm

    Other sizes of O2 material or as per customer’s requirements

    Surface Finish: Black, Rough Machined, Turned or as per given requirements.

    RFQ of O2 steel


    2. Relevant Steel Specification of AISI O2 Tool Steel

    ASTM A681DIN EN ISO 4957BS 4659GB/T 1299
    O2 / T315021.2842 / 90MnCrV8B029Mn2V

    3. AISI O2 Tool Steel Chemical Composition & Other Equivalents

    O2 / T315020.850.951.401.800.030.03. . .0.50. . .0.50. . .0.30. . .0.30
    DIN ISO 4957CMnPSSiCrVMo
    1.2842 / 90MnCrV80.850.951.802. . .. . .
    BS 4659CMnPSSiCrVMo
    B020.850.951.501.800.0350.035. . .0.40. . .. . .. . .0.25. . .. . .
    GB/T 1299CMnPSSiCrVMo
    9Mn2V0.850.951.702.000.030.03. . .0.40. . .. . .0.100.25. . .. . .

    4. ASTM O2 Tool Steel Material Mechanical Properties

    • Physical Properties
    T (°C)Treatment
    Density7.66 x 1000 kg/m325 –
    • Mechanical Properties
    Properties Conditions
    T (°C)Treatment
    Density (×1000 kg/m3)7.6625
    Poisson’s Ratio0.27-0.3025
    Elastic Modulus (GPa)190-21025

    RFQ of O2 steel

    • Thermal Properties
    Properties Conditions
    T (°C)Treatment
    Thermal Expansion (10-6/ºC)11.220-100 more

    5. Forging of ASTM O2 Tool Steel

    Heat O2 steel to 1000°C. Forge it within a range of 850-1050°C reheating if necessary. Cool slowly to avoid setting up stresses

    6. AISI O2 Tool Steel Heat Treatment

    • Annealing : 680 – 720 °C
    • Hardness after annealing : Max. 220 HB
    • Stress relieving : Approx. 650 °C
    • Hot forming : 1050 – 850 °C
    • Hardening : 790 – 820 °C
    • Quenching media : Oil, Salt bath ( 220 – 250 °C ) up to 20 mm thickness
    • Hardness after quenching : 63 – 65 HRC
    • Hardness after tempering :

    7. Applications for ASTM A681 O2 Tool Steel

    Steel O2 is used as tool steel for universal use, highly stressed plastic moulds, mould inserts for high hardness and abrasive stress, blanking and stamping tools for all types cutting sheet metals up to 6 mm thickness, cold forming dies, cutting and punching tools of all types, shear blades for paper, plastic and metalworking industries, reamers, thread chasers and cutting tools, pressure pads, guide pins, taps, measuring tools, precision calipers and plug gauges, woodworking tools, plastic and rubber compression moulds, deep drawing tools, clipping.

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