High Speed Steel

Otai supplies high speed steel in AISI M2, M35, M42 etc. HSS is widely used for saws, planer knife, high speed cutter and other special uses.

Hot Works Tool Steel

Otai Steel provides hot works steel like AISI H13, H11, H21 etc. It is widely used as aluminum die casting, pressing mold, forging mold etc.

Cold Works Tool Steel

Otai Steel supplies cold work mould steel in AISI D2, D3, O1, A2 etc. It’s widely used for punch mold, knife mould, screw mold, rolling roller etc.

Plastic Mould Steel

Otai supplies AISI P20, P20+S, NAK80 etc for pre-hardened pouring mold, mold of polishing glasses, mould of mirror surface. etc.

Engineering Steel

Otai steel supplies AISI 1045, 4140, 4130, 4340, 52100, etc. It’s widely used in aerospace, industrial engineering, mechanical industry.

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